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We have had a few Guest posts in the past, taking on topical issues. We had Prof Ebers, Prof Prineus and Prof Gold (not our one).

We are thinking of some for the future. 

I am thinking of maybe asking Franz Schelling to give us an insight of his world in a concise way, as VV did not want to do it. Maybe you would like to hear the world view from your champion or nemesis.
Why not think who you may want to hear from and in what context. We will ask them for a post in a non-leading way, so you get their biased opinion not their opinion to our bias.

In the next few days or so, Prof G will be setting up a portal (email link) and you can drop your suggestions in there, so get your thinking caps on.

In addition if you went to the Research Day and did not get an email in the last few days requesting that you provide us feedback, then you have slipped off the mailing list.
We apologise, but if you put your email into this portal we will be able to email you with details of next years research day, as we know some of you did not get the invite. 
Please fill out the post. Follow the feedback link at the top of the page
Disclaimer: We will not be supply your email to any third parties or bombard you with Rubbish. Its soul purpose will be to alert you of important events occurring, such as the Research day so you can book your place.  

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  • The Schelling theory is that MS lesions are venous in origin. The evidence of venous origin can be seen in the lesions.
    Is what he's describing in the MS lesions accurate? I don't know.

    After he establishes the MS lesions are venous in origin, he goes on to suggest that stasis of extracranial blood flow plus sudden muscular or other compression could lead to damaging back jets that could explain the lesions.

    • OK I will cross Schelling off my guest list, why give him a soap box away?

      Maybe ask someone to determine how accurate are his descriptions, but I have done this a few times already, but the feedback has been that it is great cure for insomniacs. Maybe one person will put their neck forward.

  • Enough with the punns MD (putting their neck out), and as for the 'soul' purpose, you're not going all evangelical on us ?
    'Hallelujah' and Regards as always my Child. 🙂

  • Contacting Dr Schelling would be a great opportunity for your readers to attend a high level discussion between MS experts. I really hope you go on with that idea. It might shed light in some dark corners of MS and help people make more informed decisions in the future.

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