Lost in Translation

There have been thousands of drugs that influence the development of neurological disease in animals but why is it that so few have translated and become useful drugs for MS. I thought it was important to think so we can learn from the past.

Many people blame the animals and it is true that animals do not get MS. One problem is time. It takes years to move drugs into treatments and so many could be going through the process of drug development. A slide was shown at the IPMSC that to get 1 drug you start off with 10,000. 

However, I wondered if the scientists could be part of the fault and how could that be.

However in some instances I am sure the Neuros plays their part in a drugs downfall and how could that be

If the Neuros do not sort how to do trials for progressive MS, it does not matter what the Scientist finds as the Drug may be doomed.

This is why we need to get effective trial designs

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