Question Time Videos are done

Well we are nearly there, the Question Time videos filmed at the Research Day are done. There are seven questions in the first episode. The first question was selected to be Topical as is the norm in Question Time on the BBC, the rest to were taken between mid-November and the End of December. They were selected from real questions posted on the Blog and we did not plant them. 

The chair selected the questions from a list of potential questions that we went through during our filming time slot. Here is the panel

Ila is a concerned citizen and invited guest, who was in charge of the “Bullshit Bell”. This is a new feature on the blog that allows you to ask what certain jargon terms mean.

You will get it as it was, no retakes unfortunately for me, check, out the watches if you don’t believe this, there wasn’t time for retakes. Once I learn how to get them on to Youtube we will start.

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  • Great to see that you've represented VV to be serial-killer Jason Voorhees. You invited him and are demonising his views before we've even heard what he has to say. That's wrong.

    I think VV talks nonsense most of the time but the way this blog is going about undermining his is inappropriate.

    I love this blog but the war between those of opposing views is getting dirty. It's mainly a battle between VV, Dr. Dre and the scientists, while we get caught in the crossfire.

    • VV seems to have an agenda that favours the misguided advancement of CCSVI, but Dr Dre just seems on a mission to attack. Whilst I have to admit I admire his/ her entertaining writing style and the way she\ he will take on anyone, I just can't understand what they want to achieve other than undermine people. Dre Dre is like a petulant kid that thinks they are smarter than what they really are, though, I have to admit his/ her lively ramblings do get me thinking at times. In that sense both VV and Dr Dre are important, though, very annoying at times.

  • If you think we are demonising VV, that is not our intention. I agree the choice of the Jason mouse by MD might be viewed as provocative but his mind works in unfathomable ways a lot of the time! He's just having a bit of fun with no dark motives.
    Once you have viewed the videos I hope you will agree that we take VV's views seriously and give them a fair airing. Dr Dre is another matter entirely.

  • There was no intention in demonizing, apologises to VV is that is what he thinks, it was a case of a man in a mask with a little prodder that pricks us. There are no mice in Greek national costume, so to keep the man in the mask theme, I have not done the Gimp, but he is now a super hero…satisfied? The einstein mouse has been taken already sorry

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