Research Day Question Time-Question #1


So here it is, the first Question of Question Time filmed at the Research Day  February 2013. 

As is customary for Question time you start with a topical Question.

Question 1: Are citizen petition challenges (to the FDA) by companies in the best interest of MSers? (Q.posted Jan 23 2013).

David Baker
Jeremy Chataway
Ruth Dobson
Ila Gangotra
Gavin Giovannoni
Gareth Pryce-Chair
Vasilis Vasilopoulos

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  • FINALLY.Thanks for saving me from futher Rich III vids. You're such stars. MD2 – good chair. Also thanks for raising BG-12 since I discontinued my treatment for a while with fumarates until clear safety results come out.

  • Thank you for showing us (people from the Continent who could not attend the research day) this question time video, it is great to see your faces after all the daily blogging. You are open and this has high value when you are confronted with such a complicated disease and when other national neurology institutions (at least in Europe) are rather obscure to us MSers. You even gave the chance to participate to someone who could ruin this beautiful event.

  • This is the first viewing of this session and their are seven questions. This was made especially for the blog. People at the research day did not get to see this, so it is their first view. It is a bit scary being on camera, especially when you are not sure whats coming.

    All the talks were filmed and will be shown here over the few few weeks, so even if you couldn't make it you can see them. I have yet to see them also. I was in this session in the morning and in the lifestyle session in the afternoon. As expected Prof Gold went on a bit about the Charcot project.

    Dear Andy
    See you were cold with the "unethical", I think there is one more to come. Want another guess?

    • Don't tell me the ending, I've not had chance to see them yet. (watch later)
      I will have another guess, I can remember my answer (coi & payment to participate in a study), but refresh me with the question.
      One word of advice, more makeup needed for appearing on TV.

      Regards as Always.

    • Ta for that….I think face lift and liposuction is more in order and definitely do not sit on the end of the round table.

      Question what did Prof G say was "unethical"

  • Maybe it's the poor speakers on my computer, but I found it quite hard to hear a lot of the discussion, even on max. Perhaps it's because you're discussing it with your neighbour at the table and you don't want to boom in their ear. Just a thought for next year.

    • Make sure that you have turned the volume up on (a) your computer as it may not be at maximum. If you are using windows look for speaker in bottom right of screen or go into control panel from the settings and go into sounds(b) if you check that the youtube volume is also set high enough. The sound is not the issue of a boom as each person was individually miked up.

      Are others having issues with the sound?

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