Research Day Question Time-Question #2


The Second Question of Question Time filmed for the MS Blog at the Research Day February 2013. 

Question 2.
What causes liberation therapy to work for some and not for others (Q.posted 4th December 2012) and should we be researching this in the UK? (Q.posted 23rd Nov. 2012). 

David Baker
Jeremy Chataway
Ruth Dobson
Ila Gangotra
Gavin Giovannoni
Gareth Pryce-Chair
Vasilis Vasilopoulos

For Introductions see Beginning of Question 1

Question 1

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    • I agree I thought it was a sensible answer and stuck to the question, although VV did not offer the answer of whether the UK should be investigating this

  • Deaths occurred because of no aftercare. More deaths have happened alot more with the MS drugs . UK is so slow and its embarrassing to say the least.Considering its been known about since the 1800s this really shows how slow and uneducated you all are still on this . Its very simple easy procedure to do and undangerous also if you educate more. Think the MS patients know more than you all do on this subject which doe NOT look good on yourselves at all

    • Well had our invitation being accepted there would of been someone on the panel that could have put us right.

      The UK is slow…I am not aware that anyone applied to do controlled studies on this in UK. If they had the drive to not be an arm chair scientist and so something about it, as opposed to think about private practise, when the story broke then it may have been followed up.

      However, you have to ask who in the UK would be the CCSVI champion?
      If you have ideas let us have some names? Would you be happy with the choice if they are a sceptic neurologists, or does it have to be a radiographer?

      Now as was discussed and given the strem of emerging data, I too am not convinced that it would not be a good use of resource to start a programme now, given that results will be forthcoming from elsewhere.
      If results from blinded trials look encouraging then this position will no doubt change.

    • You are clouding the issues, one element is the use of drugs the other is CCSVI…two wrongs do not make a right. Just because you may have issues with some or all of current drugs and want a different explanation, does not mean you sound not apply the same sceptism to other potential avenues

      Is it wrong to question evidence? Each month we see more and more evidence that is not consistent with the original Zamboni findings of 100% specificity and causal role.

  • Its a surprisingly clear opinion "Jeremy" has on whether there should be trials in UK despite showing no knowledge at all about the ongoing trials in Canada and Italy.
    Why all this bitternes?

    • I do not think Jeremy is being bitter at all, maybe re watch, I think he talks sense.

      That he may not have been following the CCSVI closely to know the fine details of the trials is not surprising. I do not know all of the precise details of all of the trials going on but I know a number are going on, and therefore I would wait until they report on something tangible before I would want to commit to undertaking studies. Have all the fine details been published and until the trials are actually performed and the results are out he has more pressing matters to deal with like co-ordinating the progressive MS trials. Had he been supplied with questions and asked to do the filming days, weeks in advance he may have clued up more, but he didn't he just turned up and gave an opinion.

      Anyway I am going to turn the comments on this post off. The trolls have done their usual and spoil it for the majority.

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