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The forth Question of Question Time filmed for the MS Blog at the Research Day February 2013. 

Question 4.

When I was diagnosed 10 years ago, stem cells therapies were talked about as offering a potential cure for MS. The hype has died down and I don’t see much mention of repair in MS research. Is there much research looking at repair, not just to myelin, but to lost nerves? (Q posted 23rd Nov.2012)

David Baker

Jeremy Chataway
Ruth Dobson
Ila Gangotra
Gavin Giovannoni
Gareth Pryce-Chair
Vasilis Vasilopoulos

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  • A very interesting discussion with different viewpoints. It seems to me that there's no way to prevent developing MS except to try and be VitD3 replete, stop smoking and be vaccinated against EBV at an early age.Once you have MS then maybe a retroviral will control it if EBV+ a HERV are the causes, presumably only in RRMS, and we don't know whether this will stop relapses, stop damage or stop progression until the trial is done (and possibly years after that). Not knowing the cause, you can treat with effective immunomodulators now(ish), neuroprotective agents soon, myelin restorers later and nerve growers even later(maybe decades). It's good that we have all these different approaches to the disease. I don't think you need to know the cause to be able to 'cure' the disease, but maybe knowing the cause will lead to a simpler more targeted treatment.

  • Ah yes, jobs for the boys as a team of scientists sit around a table complimenting their achievements whilst the vast majority of patients still develop progressive MS. There is still:

    * No drugs for progressive MS.
    * No remyelination therapies.
    * No access to existing/ licensed compounds to stem progression.
    * No way to get greedy pharmaceuticals to stop withdrawing medicines in order to maximise their profits.

    You talk a good talk but you haven't really achieved much, have you?

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