Research Day Talk -Spasticity

Today it is Dr Rachell Farrell talking about spasticity.

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  • Thank you for putting up all the talks. Like last year I find it hard to follow though because the pictures of the presentation are shown much too short time for me to take in the information, whereas most of the time you watch the speaker and wonder what she is pointing at right now. I very much wish it was the other way round! Or maybe one could find a way to split the screen so one can watch the presentation and the speaker simultaniously.

    • Good idea, we would maybe need more cameras. However if you get the you video and look on the bottom left. When the video isplaying there is an equal side standing on its side. Press this and it pauses the frame. You can survey the slide and then carry on. If you have questions just ask.

    • Thank you for your answer. I am not sure what you mean. Pausing the presentation? Sure, I can do this, but this is exactly what I find difficult. MS and short time memory is not always a good combination and remembering 5 strange names of medications in trial I have never heard of before is not so easy. She was sometimes talking for several minutes about the same picture, I sure did not remember the picture for so long. So I paused, tried to go back to look again, searching for the right spot in the film, searching some more – yes! here we go reading the information, then going back to where I stopped listening to her, trying to find the right time, trying some more, here we are but… uhm what was she talking about now again? Going back a little and listen to her one more time, yes, right, now I can follow her talk again but no! What was the text on the picture again? A little frustrating… Since this is meant for MSers who sometimes have cognitive issues I thought I give you feedback. But anyway, you are doing a great job and I am greatful that I can watch the talks no matter what.

    • We will think about things and see if we can adopt a system that makes it easier to follow! I have some ideas how to do this, but we will need to purchase some software to do this.

  • It would be great if you could post Rachel Farrell's film showing the woman walking, first and second with a walker, then with 2 sticks, years apart and showing a dramatic improvement. Using a Baclofen pump? I don't remember the exact details

  • I just noticed that on the presentations from today and yesterday you labeled them with 3rd MS research day… I thought this was the 4th.
    /Swedish Sara

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