Scientists in Business

Dragons Den is a concept where inventors (scientists) submit a proposal, do a pitch and the investors either give you cash or they don’t. 
So it is sink or swin. 
The grant agencies have been watching this 
and is this too much tele?

Wonder what will happen for our trip to the lair? 
Success, or is it 10 years down 
the toilet?

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  • This is disgraceful what you are doing on this site.If you are NOT P taking MS you are doing so much thats shameful to MS patients

    • I've seen this kind of post several times and I still cannot see the disgrace. If there's any it lies with you all that waste our time with meaningless bickering. At least you could have an opinion that could be discussed like VV. If you don't like it, take your business elsewere, the world wide web is big enough for us all.. This site for me is one of the best I've seen.
      MD, perhaps it's time for some trollbashing…
      /Swedish Sara

    • I came to the conclusion that is it most likely a teenager with some mental disturbance screaming for attention. Perhaps not commenting is the best solution here, everything else is just waste of time.

    • Dear Swedish Sara
      A few flags have been stuck in my Troll that you gave me at the open day. You made the point better than me

  • When's your 'trip' scheduled for? And what research are you asking them to fund? More Charcot project work? Unlike some above, I like to be updated on these things, successful or otherwise. They may only be small steps but at least you get to feel that things are moving forward.

    • It has just happened, will know what happens in a few weeks….it is about developing a new drug, that we invented, for MS.

      Part of research is finding facts another part is applying this knowledge to the benefit of MSers. We are trying to give you insight into some of the processes that are involved in drug development the trials and tribulations. When you get to see the videos of the research day this will become more understandable about what we are doing

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