CCSVI Trials:The wrong PREMiSe that Venoplasty is good for you

Whilst I have been doing CCSVI once a month and we posted the AAN Abstracts last month, but it seems this report will be presented at this weeks AAN.

I think it is interesting to post this video made by the University of Buffalo Team about their findings from their preliminary Blinded Trial called Prospective Randomized Endovascular Therapy in MS (PREMiSe) trial. 

This is first prospective randomized double-blinded, controlled study of balloon angioplasty for MS 
This did not support sustained improvements in people with MS and   “cautions strongly against general acceptance of benefit from this invasive procedure“. 

This appears to be the first class I evidence about this procedure and it is not positive, but we will have to wait until the study is published, I think we may be seeing more of this in the future.

To avoid any obfuscation…I think this study suggests do not do any liberation procedure unless it is part of a controlled trial. 

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