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Yesterday I turned off the “word verification” needed to post a comment. We had about a hundred spam posts in a half a day from the robots and some of them got through the spam filter, so rather then inundate you with uses for rubber female private parts we have turned it back on.

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  • Alicia Price Monday, March 25, 2013 2:30:00 pm
    Have you tried turning off comments for anoymous users? I found that as soon as I did that the torrent of spam dried up, it seems spammers can't be bothered to get google accounts!

    I say this because I am dyslexic and find the things insanely hard to read! Thankfully I am using software now (LINK REMOVED) that reads and fills in CAPTCHAs for me but, I know a lot of people don't have software and struggle!

    Ps. this blog is an excellent idea to keep people understand an often confusing and misunderstood condition. Thank you. My friend has MS and she says it is horribly difficult to find info you can understand and trust. will recommend this blog.

    • Anoymous contains the trollers and an some spammers, but the spammers trying to sell something usually have names and I often report them to google for spamming, so turning off anaomyous is not the answer, so unfortunately we have to put up with the word identification

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