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Gareth Selected the Questions for Discussion from Question time. There were a more. So these are the ones that got away

Q. Speaking from the point of view of an MS patient, on the ground right here, right now I’d be keen to see research into what might help me to feel better? (Q 26th Nov. 2012) Should we give more research focus on dealing with the immediate problems of living with MS?

VV Response. “MS is still without explanation. Knowing the exact cause is a prerequisite of dealing with it”.
Reposte. Sir Jeremy did not entirely agree that we need to know the cause…..listen to his take on this in Question Time. I think there needs to be a balance between dealing with the here and now and the future. It could be argued that it is the job of the NHS to deal with the here and now and that MS charities should be focussing on the future

Q. It has recently been reported in the news that an eye scan is an indicator of MS progression, will this be useful (Q posted 29th Dec. 2012)?

VV Response. “Patients want progression to stop, not measure it”.

So on that point we have Dr Ahmed Toosey in one of the Research Day talks telling us how we can measure it and also tell us  how the eye is being used to get a handle on treating progression.

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  • Well I partly agree with VV. I want progression to stop not have a measure of it but but if an an eye scan helps with management or research then I'm all for it. I probably do not want to know the results if they show progression I was unaware of.

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