Research Day, Energising Nerves-Football, Fashion and Burgers

Today we have Marija Sajic from UCLP talking about energy and the nerves. This forms the basis for some of the later clinical trials

We are sorry but you can not see the mitochondria (battery) videos, which shows then moving along the nerves and how inflammation can stop this.

For our American Friends “Football” is “Soccer”, but it would work for American Football version, for “fashion” I won’t go there (Did you know the fashion of US scientitsts is Khaki chinos, blue shirt and blue blazer with gold buttons and usually running shoes (trainers) or black loafers:-) but, I’m not sure if you use the word “Bouncer”. This is the big doorman at the door of a nightclub/disco who has the job of expelling unwanted people from the nightclub, bouncing them down the stairs and outside.

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