The Videos from the Research Day..the Bells


The videos from the Research Day talks are done. On some of them you may hear a Bell. 

This was supposed to be an indicator to the speaker to shut up. We know it irritated some of the audience, based on their Tweets, and some of the speakers too. However all speakers were given an allocated time slot with the strict instructions to leave time for questions. If you do not keep to time then it makes the day run too long.  

I have been at meeting where they just turn the microphone off, if you go on too long. Maybe next time we can hold a placard up in front of them saying  “Shut up”, so it does not interfere with the sound or with a chair person you can encourage people to stop. Hope they do not ruin your enjoyment.

Videos over 15 minutes require different procedures 

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  • The problem is that sometimes the speakers spend a long time on a basic introduction- how many times do we need to see a forest fire- and then have to rush the new interesting stuff at the end as there isn't enough time. Also, perhaps we need a bell on some of the questioners as they continued to ask more questions and didn't leave time for others who also had questions to ask.

    • Forest fires…At least once more as DoctorLove has a burning desire to show your one. We are aware of our deficiencies with relation to answering questions and how certain people hogged the limelight

  • You could use the threatening music from Jaws, as they did (apparently) at the Oscars the other night.
    Yes, a bit more crowd control needed in terms of the questioners. Overall you did an excellent job.

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