Access to fampridine in England

“As you are aware from the 1st April the NHS has put in place a new funding system that is now controlled by Commissioners. Commissioning bodies are led by General Practitioners or GPs. The Commissioning Board have just ruled on access to Fampridine for MSers with walking difficulty.”

“The following are some YouTube videos of MSers who have responded to Fampridine.”

“Until NICE give Fampridine a green light as being cost-effective for the NHS it is unlikely that Fampridine, or any other new drug for MSers, will be funded under the new system.”

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  • It seems completely crazy not to fund this treatment for responders when you see the benefits it can bring! What can we do/can be done about this? I guess it means more campaigning?

    • Dalfampridine has been available in U.S. since 2010 for all types of MS. Benefits have been seen in stroke patients as well as people with CP. Its criminal that people who can benefit are denied access.

    • What would be criminal is to promote drugs like monoclonal antibodies that have important side effects instead of a drug with mild side effects. Does anybody looked at the effect of fampridine on the rate of relapses or on the evolution of lesions? Or it is just assumed that because it has a clinical effect (contrary to monoclonal antibodies) this drug should not have any effect on the progression of MS?

    • XoR XoR
      There is some anecdotal evidence that Fampridine may increase the rate of progression for some people – search this blog and elsewhere and you will find some comments from people who appeared to have had this problem.

      It only works for 35% of people who try it – I was not one of the 35% so at least was saved the risk/benefit decisions of whether to keep taking it. And where I live it is approved for use with MS but is not subsided under our pharmaceuticals scheme so it was b…. expensive (at more than $A200 for 28 days' supply).

  • Treatment with the oral drug fampridine (prolonged release tablets) gave … been 124 cases of PML, including 23 deaths, among 83,000 people …

  • I don't know if I was the only one,but my walking deteriorated rapidly when I took this drug. It was the first time I was forced to use a wheelchair.

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