Are MPs idiots? or Do they not read questions and assimilate knowledge?


Just got letter from  Earl Howe Department of Health about request on BPA via my MP

“Thank you for letter from one of your constituents about funding for research into potential treatments for MS”.

To paraphrase his response try NIHR (National Institute for Health Research” or MRC (medical research council) for research funds.

“Neither of these organisations ring fence their funds and welcome applications for research into any aspect of health”

“I hope this reply is helpful Yours Earl Howe”

If I used this response as toilet paper………maybe. 

If the Rt Hon gentleman could have taken a few minutes to read the actual questions, digest and not respond with a cut and paste answer then we perhaps could move forward and not waste his, my MPs and my time. As academics and clinicans, it is good to know that the politicians think we need to be told about the existence of the MRC and NIHR as funding sources, but I think we know that.

Maybe Prof G needs to write an measured article-
The manifesto for the BPA in the language politicians can understand maybe Jack and Jill Book 1. 

How about a “controversy in multiple sclerosis Journal paper” it should be easy to find someone that will be devils advocate to Prof G 

Someone should do a TV programme for the media once the arguments are rehearsed. Get Pharma and politicians involved

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  • It sounds as though it would be beneficial to involve constituents, and to get them to canvass this, or their, MPs. Or the charities' campaigns groups? In answer to your question, I don't think your letter was read!

  • Aren't letters from constituents to MPs supposed to be about local or personal matters?
    For something like this it may be better to approach the relevant minister or parliamentary commitee head

  • This was forwarded from MD's MP to the "relevant" minister. I suspect one of his minions sent back the above bland response without him seeing it.
    Waste. Of. Time.

  • This is the exact response I received when my MP forwarded the Department of Health's retort. It's a standard text book reply.

    MS is way down Governmental policies. We need an Arab Spring in this country.

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