Biogen-Idec’s response to homemade BG12

Home-made generic BG12
In response to Prof G’s post on the German DIY-BG12 GENERIC Biogen-Idec, the company that has developed BG12, would like to make the following points:
  1. Biogen Idec recognizes that traditional pharmacy compounding can play a useful role in personalizing treatment for an individual patient. However, this should be done by licensed pharmacists who are trained and equipped to compound medications safely. When compounding is not performed properly, compounders can expose many patients to health risks associated with unsafe or ineffective drugs.
  2. Large-scale manufacturing of prescription drugs needs to be appropriately regulated to ensure products meet quality, safety and efficacy standards.
  3. There have been multiple health issues linked to compounding in recent years, and several regulators, including the FDA, are actively discouraging use of compounded products when a safe, regulated alternative is available.
  4. Public health concerns underscore the need for local regulators to enforce existing regulations on compounding.
If you have any comments or queries, I am sure Prof G or the Mouse Doctor will try and answer them.

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  • DIY Generic – BG-12 or Tecfidera is a good chance.

    That means $ 60,000, leave it in your pocket instead of Biogen Idec.
    Treatment is the same.

    • $60,000 is outrageous. There is a risk in making DIY bg-12 but every day is a risk with MS. Overdoing normal activities is a risk. The link also showed where to buy pharmaceutical grade DMF. I'd be concerned more about the possible lack of follow-up care and blood tests to make sure the leukocytes don't drop too much.



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