Cannabis spray for spasticity rescheduled

Sativex is not a schedule 1 drug. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“Good news the cannabis extract spray, or Sativex, that is licensed to treat MS-related spasticity has been rescheduled. It was a controlled drug (Schedule 1) and has been rescheduled (Schedule 4) to a category with a low abuse potential.”

“Will this mean easier access to Sativex under the NHS? Unlikely, as restricted access under the NHS is based on Sativex’s license and the fact that it has not been given a green light by NICE. The latter allows payers to state that as Sativex has not been shown to be cost-effective we can’t prescribe it. Despite this there are some areas of the country in which MSers have been allowed access, albeit limited, to the drug. This patchy access has unfortunately recreated the post-code prescribing lottery; if you happen to live in one particular area you have access to the drug and if you live in another area you can’t access the drug. We are one area in which funding for the drug has been declined. This is very frustrating for all concerned.”

CoI: multiple, Mousedoctors 1 & 2 have spent the better part of 15 years working on cannabinoids and MS-related spasticity

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  • Wonder what will happen in the states. in UK cannabidiol is not considered a problem whereas THC is. In the USA both THC and cannabidiol are schedule 1.

    We once was supplied THC and cannabidiol via US government, but when the pilot delivering the drug from US found out what it was he flew it back to the states even though we had export and import permits.

  • I do wonder whether a combination of NICE and price (see what i did there) will ensure that sativex is doomed never to reach as many MSers who could benefit from it as it should. I hope this changes.

  • " better part of 15 years working on cannabinoids and MS-related spasticity"

    Due to clinical failures(don;tget me started on this one) much of that work will be flushed down the toilet..depressing

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