Survey results: MRI monitoring on natalizumab

“The following are the survey results regarding MRI monitoring of MSers on natalizumab for PML. The good news is that most MSers on natalizumab who are JCV seropositive are being monitored with MRI. Most MSers are having 6-monthly or annual scans. What is very worrying is that 14% of MSers on natalizumab are not being monitored with MRI. This is what happens when there is no class 1 or 2 evidence to inform clinical practice; every MSologist decides what is best. There are guidelines but they are consensus based and not evidence-based.”

“An important constraint regarding frequent imaging is cost; this is particularly an issue in the NHS that has limited resources. At the moment our policy is to image annually; if we see evidence that more frequent imaging will prevent or detect PML earlier we will obviously put in a business case to adopt more frequent imaging policy.”

“Please note these are the headline results of the survey; we are still looking for volunteers to delve more deeply into the data and produce more detailed reports for the blog. If you are good at data analysis and keen to volunteer please drop us an email ( Thanks.”

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  • Why are you only imaging annually ?

    Where PML diagnosis was made by MRI scan all patients were alive a year later, a quarter of patients whose PML was diagnosed after symptoms appeared died – according to research presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology

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