Survey Results- Repurposing Drugs

We recently asked you your opinion on re-purposing drugs. 

Your responses are clear.

I am happy to hear that Pharma should not be left to determine future targets. Otherwise we may as well pack-up now. Equally it is clear that your gut feeling is that we should be repurposing drugs. IS there the machinery and the will to push this forward. 

It is all well and dandy doing clinical trials but if you cannot turn the trials into licensed therapeutic, is it ethical to start?

The question is are there any White Knights out there to try an push repurposing through? 

I think there are.!

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  • Really pleased that you think there are some White Knights out there – can you give us a clue who/how many? I guess you don't want to blow their cover…

    • Cover broken, could be dead in a ditch or no more trips to ECTRIMS 🙂
      Only joking. Neuro involvement in studies will depend on what they are.

      We have the clinical trials network in UK so an army of knights with Sir Jeremy at the helm for the MS smart trials trying to develop drugs for progressive MS…there is MS-STAT also I can think of others

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