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Hanson et al. A cross-sectional survey of patient satisfaction and subjective experiences of treatment with fingolimod.Patient Prefer Adherence. 2013 Apr;7:309-18

BACKGROUND: Fingolimod is the first oral disease-modifying therapy indicated for the treatment of MSers with relapsing forms of MS to reduce the frequency of clinical relapses and delay the progression of physical disability caused by MS.

OBJECTIVE: To obtain data from MSers who have taken fingolimod regarding their treatment choice, first-dose observation (FDO) experience, and treatment satisfaction.

METHODS: MSers ≥ 18 years old with physician-diagnosed MS in the United States who had taken at least one dose of fingolimod for the treatment of MS were invited to complete a web-based survey, which captured information on the reasons for starting fingolimod, FDO experience, and treatment satisfaction as measured by the Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire for Medication (TSQM). A high TSQM scale score denotes high satisfaction.

RESULTS: Survey respondents (n = 380; 55% female) had a mean (standard deviation) age of 39.8 (12.6) years, and a mean (standard deviation) duration of MS of 9.8 (10.3) years. Overall, more than 80% of patients reported the first dose was moderately/very/extremely manageable, convenient, and easy to take. Although 80% of MSers reported experiencing a side effect with the first dose, most were highly tolerable and only eleven MSers (2.9%) reported they were “Not at all” satisfied with the FDO experience. TSQM scale scores were highest for the side effect (79.4), followed by convenience (71.7), effectiveness (70.1), and global satisfaction (68.9) domains; relatively higher scores were observed among treatment-experienced MSers. Both treatment-naïve and treatment-experienced MSers indicated physician recommendation as the primary reason for starting fingolimod. Among treatment-experienced respondents (n = 273), 58% reported that their first choice for MS treatment would be fingolimod if selecting today.

CONCLUSION: Most fingolimod MSers were satisfied with their FDO experience. Satisfaction with fingolimod was high and observed higher among treatment-experienced compared to treatment-naïve MSers.

“This survey’s findings are not unexpected and mirrors our centre’s experience with using fingolimod. MSers have been waiting years for an oral therapy and now they have arrived they are prepared to tolerate a little inconvenience to get on the drug.”

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