Berlin Physician Summit 4-5 May 2013

“I am in Berlin presenting at a Biogen-Idec sponsored Physician Summit. The focus of the meeting is ‘The Real World Treatment Landscape’. The meeting is very interactive and arranged around an MSer journey through the course of their disease. The decisions a neurologist needs to make with the MSer along the course of their disease is surprisingly complex and involves an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. The decision-making processes start at diagnosis and moves along a timeline that includes when to start and stop disease-modifying therapies, when and how to define a treatment failure, when to escalate treatment, risk profiling and risk management,what to do in pregnancy and monitoring the disease course over time. The meeting is peppered with open discussion, real-time surveys, questions and panel discussions. The way this meeting has been structured is very novel and one of the most enjoyable I have attended recently. It is a great pity that these types of meetings are closed to MSers and the wider community; MSers would learn a lot from observing the journey, albeit somewhat hypothetical. It would increase their understanding of the decision-making processes that neurologists, and they, need to engage with and make to improve their long-term outcome. I like the analogy of a journey; it gels with my tube map describing an holistic approach to the management of MS.”

“As promised to numerous attendees of the meeting and in keeping with my policy of distributing my talks I have uploaded them onto Slideshare for you to download. Hopefully the talks are self-explanatory, if not I am prepared to answer questions.”

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