Come on Team G….Less time Blogging More results!


There isn’t any….Is this what you want? 

Todays News….Nothing!

Tomorrows News…Nothing!

All month……Nothing!

How many studies do you want Prof G to be doing at once?
You can only spread yourself so much……………..

Who is helping getting CAMPATH through the Regulatory Process….? Its not your “Noble Prize Elect”…..who’s on leave for the Year.

Doing trials are one thing, Coming up with the Idea in the first place is another and getting drugs to the Mser is yet another problem


DMTs; some recently approved in USA, and more on their way in Europe. In UK the price will be the major hurdle.

When will drugs be available?…Ask the regulators and companies…we have no control on their pricing..which along with side effects and efficacy and your postcode will determine availability.

Neuroprotectants….get on a trial if you can now!

Closest to Market will be Fingolimod, that is if it works for Progression. The PPMS trial is fully recruited. 

Maybe BG-12 is neuroprotective, but will get licence for RRMS in the UK?
International progressive multiple sclerosis collaborative moved forward yesterday……more potential treatments coming your way.

…We need to help the organisers realise their vision on this one. 

Repair is years away. Anti-Lingo has finished phase I, so you have phase II and Phase III to complete. 

RXR compounds assuming they are safe and that some pharma is behind this, still years away I am afraid.

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  • Calm down dear!

    Have you considered CBT for anger management?

    It looks like my gentle kcik up the bottom had the desired effect. Some very helpful posts about the Charcot Project and neuro-protection.

    Keep up the good work!

    I know you wanted to be the archaeologist with the hat on Time Team – but we have to get on with what we are given!

    Less lolling about, less watching Game of Thrones, less listening to Deaf Leppard….. We may then see some real breakthrougs.

    All the best Mouse Dr – I'm sure you're a nice guy at heart.

    PS Dr C is still in action – saw him at his clinic a few weeks ago. He's Superman to me. I like you, but you're more Green Cross Code man or the Honey Monster.

  • anon 9 am:
    I think the team were simply listing all the (many) things that are in process – good that there are several avenues (including) protection being studied/trialled.

    I don't see Prof G or any of the team lolling about TBH – you're crazy to think it let alone suggest it!

    Who d'you mean by Dr C? – don't be so cryptic… and whqt's wrong with the Honey Monster anyway?

    • Dr C I presume is Doctor Coles, one of the Two As from Cambridge that have pushed CAMPATH to the fore. The other is Prof Compston.

      Dr. C is having a sabbatical, I suspect to avoid the pharma road show…good to see he is still in the clinic….

      The repair strategy is the use of RXR agonists developed by Franklin and ffrench-constant.

      After a 21.5hour day with with 6A.M. start day you touched a nerve and the Darth Varder came out….I'm off for some Sugar Puffs.

    • PPPS The cure for patronising comments continues to elude us!
      I'm sure you mean well (there you are you see, it's catching)!

  • This is all spin brought about by the appropriate criticisms of a commenter yesterday.

    Ask yourselves, people, is your MS being dealt with better than what it was this time last year? Ask yourselves in another year's time from now if anything these people have done in their labs actually improved your disease?

    No one denies that there is work being done in the field of MS research and that money is being made. It's just not helping us. We will have to wait to long to stand a chance of benefitting, with later generations of MSers never realising how appallingly we were neglected by our governments and health bodies.

  • What's the spin?
    A question was asked, a response was given.

    I really do suspect that some people will be benefiting from the actions of Prof G by next year, will all people benefit, not necessarily as there is not a universal solution. Shooting the messenger stops the message.

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