MS Medical Education in Istanbul

Multiple Sclerosis Continuing Medical Education comes to Istanbul. Interested in seeing the Programme? #MSBlog

“I am in Istanbul at the 2013 CME Annual meeting in MS: How to translate new insights in MS into clinical practice. I have a very difficult talk to give on day 2 of the meeting; I am not sure what to speak about. I leaning towards MS Prevention.”

Istanbul is one city that makes you realise how insignificant you are in the scale of history; its size (~15M people), its position (where Europe meets Asia), its importance (it was the centre of the four different empires (Roman, Byzantium, Latin and Ottoman) and its beauty. I have a view from my hotel room over the Bosphorus River, that is simply breathtaking.”

“Back to the serious topic of MS and its affect on individuals and Society; I will keep you posted on the meeting and will upload my talks after I give them tomorrow.”

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  • Enjoy your holiday. Pity this clashed with ACTRIMS as you've missed out on Florida.

    I see the same old names / topics for discussion at these conferences – really have to wonder if they are worth all the time and cost.

    Grateful for any feedback on something which might benefit us – neuro-protection or repair (in the short term).

  • Same old Big Pharma Agenda and DMT bullshit. Aren't you tired of these meetings? How many more can you do? I bet all your slides will be second-hand or rehashed from old talks.

    • How many can you do?… ECTRIMS once a year, ACTRIMS once a year,
      ANA once a year etc… You need to keep up with new information.

      Yes many of slides will be get to see them as Prof G posts but his audience may not have seen them.

  • Anon 10.38 – no need to be so disparaging towards someone who is genuinely trying to help MSers now and those who are yet to be diagnosed. I'd appreciate it if you would keep your unnecessary negative comments to yourself.

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