Question Time Questions the Ones that got away…or did they


Q “MS has been impressively studied at a pathological and clinical level for 100 years, immunologically explored for a staggering eight decades, and for the last 50 years, research on virtually every front has been exhaustively intensive. So why do we still know so little about the disease (Q posted. 23th Nov. 2012)

VV Response. There is no epistemologically plausible explanation for this failure. Thus, the reason must be lying in the complex network of relations and interests that inevitably develop around any chronic disease (pharma companies, research funds, donations, MS societies, alertness events). Even the worse condition can become a routine, or a way of making a living.

t the Research Day we did Question time, where you asked the questions and neuros gave an answer…..

Some questions didn’t get asked because of lack of time….

Maybe your chance to Ask Questions willl Come Again Soon….

Get your thinking caps on ready for ECTRIMS

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