Rant-of-the-week: explained

I am sorry the “Rant of the Week” appeared yesterday. It was not meant to be (yet) and should not have been aired…….and was removed as soon as I realized it had been posted.

To  paraphrase for those that read it, and to explain for those that did not read it or could not understand it.
Sometimes there is a load of old rubbish (mushroom food) published in the scientific press. This type of information may not be reproducible and so lack importance“.

Prof G and I have been nominated for a Public Engagement Award to be announced Tomorrow. I hope this did not blow it with the Judges.

I may explain the story more some day. Wrist suitably slapped.

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  • All the best to you MD, I´m only afraid of how your blood pressure is affected.
    So letting out steam might be good for you, you could also give the Swedish hedgehog
    a beating..after all that´s why you got it. But do take care..
    Swedish Sara

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