Survey results: employment status in our blog readers

Survey results; unemployment in blog readers is the norm. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“Thank you for taking the time to complete the employment status survey. The headline results are very sobering. What can we do about this curse of unemployment?”

“If you are handy at data analysis and  would like to analyse this data set in more detail please drop us an email ( We will then publish your report on the blog; this can be done anonymously if you so choose.”

Headline results:

1. 148 respondents; the majority have RRMS (63%) and are female (53%).
2. Only 35% currently in full time employment, with 95% having been in full time employment in the past.
3. Physical disability, fatigue, cognitive impairment and bowel & bladder dysfunction being the most common reasons for being unable to work.
4. 74% of respondents have never received any occupational therapy.
5. Only 28% of respondents are currently receiving benefits or insurance payments.

“Lots of unanswered questions hidden in this data and a lot to be done about it. Will an holistic approach to MS help?”

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  • I able to access my full pension when I took voluntary redundancy at age 57, following dx 5 years previously and realise that I am in the (hugely lucky) minority of Msers who are not suffering financial penalty through illness. How on earth do people manage to survive if they have to give up work in their thirties? Condemned not only to ill-health but to poverty too. And then to be told that benefits are 'being modernised' to fit to people's needs…….

  • I think that when you analyse the educational attainment of MSers in your survey, it's clear that they are in the main highly educated, with most having university degrees and post-graduate qualifications.

    These MSers are also, in the main, not working and claim benefits to get by. Why on earth will people that are obviously motivated enough to have gone to universities now shun work?

    It goes to show just how cruel an illness MS is, reducing smart and motivated people to destitution. It also perhaps demonstrates the MS may be a very middle-class disease, where those that led sheltered and sanitised upbringings didn't develop the right immune responses to a retrovirus?

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