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  • Your post on the 30th of April "Could iranian scientists be left in the cold?", discussed on the fact that american publishers (Elsevesier, etc.) do not have the right to publish any study whose origin would be from any iranian government paid scientist. Then your conclusion was "what about iranian MSers?"

    If you just take a look at the IRCT page (iranian registry of clinical trials), and then type "multiple sclerosis", you will see that they are being very active on clinical trials against MS, based on CAM (or nutriceuticals, if you wish). They were also getting important conclusions on vitamin D supplementation against relapse rates and MRI activity on a work published in June 2012. It is clear that, when you do not have the support of big pharma, other therapies can be found. So maybe iranians MSers will not be so bad, after all.


    • Of course the huge question is why Iranians are experiencing an explosion in MS over recent years. The answer may be obvious but unpalatable for some.
      The attitude of the US towards publication of Iranian research is pathetic.

    • Explosion in women in particular with a female to male ratio of about 5-6:1 compare to about 2-3:1 in UK and elsewhere

  • I've read a bit about the Charcot project. I was wondering if there is an animal model of EBV causing inflammatory or neurodegenerative damage to the brain, or is the proposed mechanism based solely on observations on humans pathologically/serologically?

    Many thanks for an excellent resource in the blog, by the way!

  • The problem with EBV is its relative species specificity and is a human virus, it also infects marmosets.

    There are other viral models

    lastly thanks for your kind comments

  • rmforall wrote.
    "Why delete a sensible suggestion that female MSers in Iran be interviewed re blah…methanol…blah…aspartame…"

    Dear Rich
    These two words from you are automatic spam indicators and any post contining them will be deleted.

    We have asked you many, many, many times to stop posting about this. You have had your two penneth worth, we are not interested in helping you promote your crusade.

  • Dear Rich
    You have burned your bridges long ago. Get your own soapbox and stop using ours..

    As for T, it could be BS

    • Rmforall wrote:

      Dear David I spent many hours yesterday writing the two mystery of P and T posts for you as my primary colleague, in order to lay out the pleasing inner logic of the paradigm…..curtailed to limit the club

    • Dear Rich
      I do not have the time to read your paradigmn, to decide whether it should go or stay….so will save it until we can read at our liesure. They are held in a vault awaiting liberation or burning. If it is full of methanol….it is likely to burn as methanol is flammable.



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