CD8 cells whats the real story……I’m confused

Epub: Ortega et al. The Disease-Ameliorating Function of Autoregulatory CD8 T Cells Is Mediated by Targeting of Encephalitogenic CD4 T Cells in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis. J Immunol. 2013 Jun.

This study says that CD8 cells inhibit disease by targeting CD4 cells…just like suppressor cells of yesteryear…but only a few weeks ago we were being told by others that CD8 cells were causing disease. This is is why reading one paper and making an opinion can be a mistake…you just have to take a step back and assimilate a lot of data to try and make an opinion where the most consistent story lies. This is what Prof G does when he uses his inbuilt computer bank to spread the knowledge. However if the science lemmings follow a bad idea they have us jumping off the cliff as we reinvent the wheel.

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  • Thank you for your amazing service of culling through the various research reports and providing us with an intelligent assessment.

    • Two responses here

      (1)Thanks for the praise..but this particular post does not deserve it.
      It was merely to show the in consistencies in the literature. Our own data would be in EAE they (CD8) do very little in early disease.

      (2) Given the sarcastic tone I wonder if this is a lemming talking………….This makes a change as they usually say


      As they jump off the cliff chasing the dogma 🙂

    • I'm reading the original post as not being sarcastic but it's sunny today and I've got my rose-tinted shades on!

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