Education helps cognitive reserve

Epub: Scarpazza et al. Education protects against cognitive changes associated with multiple sclerosis. Restor Neurol Neurosci. 2013 Jun 4.

Purpose: Although neuropsychological impairments are common in Multiple Sclerosis
(MS), the manifestation of cognitive deficits may vary greatly across
MS patients. Here, we explored the influence of cognitive reserve proxy
indices (education and occupation) and perceived fatigue on cognitive

Methods: Fifty relapsing-remitting MS patients were
evaluated. Cognitive performance was measured using the Paced Auditory
Serial Addition Test (PASAT), in which information processing speed can
be manipulated by varying the presentation speed of stimuli. 

Results: MS
patients with low education performed worse than healthy controls at
faster PASAT speeds. By contrast, no difference was observed between MS
patients with high education and matched healthy controls, regardless of
PASAT speed. Moreover, we found that neither occupational attainment
nor perceived fatigue has an influence on MS patients’ cognitive

Conclusion: These findings provide evidence that higher
education could be protective against MS-associated cognitive deficits
and that high speed PASAT versions are more suitable for identifying
compensatory capacities compared to low speed PASAT versions.

Education helps cognitive reserve. This is similar to what is found in Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • Well, this wasn't in my game plan when I went to university, but I'm grateful now …As I am for the higher literacy and communication skills which make it easier to get the right treatment from the NHS!

    • Really? I too am educated but find that my MS team is hopeless, often ignoring requests and even forgetting essential information. For the last year my neurologist has not even wanted to see me face to face after I asked him what he's doing to help me? Now I just see the registrar. The NHS is full of useless individuals milking the system and consider themselves above accountability. It is a monster.

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