ENS Satellite Meeting 8 June Barcelona

“The following is my presentation from yesterday’s Biogen-Idec sponsored satellite symposium. I have also included the programme and notes on a separate slideshare file.”

ENS Summit Programme and Giovannoni Talk Barcelona June 2013 from Gavin Giovannoni

CoI: multiple and I will be receiving an honorarium for my time commitment to this meeting (~10 hours)

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  • Prof G,

    Lovely clear presentation. Are the regulators likely to attend such events?

    As a recipient of Alemtuzumab I think the approach of early and aggressive is a no-brained – no pun intended.

    From the programme I see little about treatment for progressive MS or repair – I'm assuming this is still in the realms of sci-fi.

    PS a little bird told me that Prof Mouse has been smoking in the lab with Iron Maiden music blaring out. When the cats away……

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