Is MS a whole brain disease?

MS is a iceberg within and iceberg within an iceberg. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“I am at a specialist MRI meeting in London. More thinking time; a precious resource. The meeting is focusing on MS as a whole brain disease. It is clear that MS is not only on iceberg, but an iceberg within an iceberg within an iceberg. What happens clinically is a fraction of what is seen on MRI and what is seen on MRI is a fraction what is seen under the microscope.”

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  • You know how to cheer up my weekend! How come the more you study this disease the worse it becomes? Last week it became a dementign disease, this week a whole brain disease. All I wna tis to be rid of it / put it to bed. Any good news? neuro-protection? Repair?

  • Yes, I'm beginning to get a bit scared with some of the findings/comments recently, especially as I know that whatever I think and say, I'm not going to be given the option of second-line drugs. I feel I'm on the borderline of wanting to keep informed but liable to be seriously spooked by it all. Inevitable, I guess – sometimes it just hits you how very serious it all is.

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