Sodium accumulation in nerves is not good for you


                                  Did people take their drugs

Too much sodium is not good for you and I am not talking about salt intake here…but suggests that blocking sodium accumulation in nerves and microglia could be a good idea. So the PROXiMuS trial may not be a bad idea…..The trial is going through the ethics process..Yes this is slow……we did not make the rules.

“The lamotrigine trial failed I hear you say”…….well I say “not surprising because there were a lot of naughty MSers throwing away their drugs (maybe not surprising if they make you feel like crap)…….so how can a drug work if you don’t take it!”

No drugs in the blood doesn’t lie….empty drug wrappers can..Naughty Naughty!!

But what happens if you do take it?…………well you will have to watch this space for the lastest results from Team G…coming soon.

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