The Iceberg Analogy

“Why is MS so like an iceberg? It is the one analogy I like best.”

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  • Prof G, this is a very cryptic posting. Is it because some many lesions in MS don't cause a relapse? I think you have referred to this before.

  • I'm guessing relapses only tell a third of the story, the other two thirds are the neurodegenerative damage going on untreated.?

    Regards as always

  • i tink the iceberg emerged part is the damage of withe matter and the submerged part can be refferred to the grey matter damage (visible in 3d RMI )
    my best regards

  • Is it because you look so well on the outside but you can't see the damage being done underneath

  • Is it because you are an extremely caring neurologist and your colleagues don't dare/care to see what you see?

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