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Müller et al.Width
of 3. Ventricle: reference values and clinical relevance in a cohort of
patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.
Open Neurol J. 2013 May 3;7:11-6.

To estimate the quantity of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with brain
atrophy as indicated by third ventricular enlargement using
transcranial colourcoded ultrasound (TCCS).

METHODS: The width of the
3. ventricle was assessed by TCCS in 70 healthy controls (male 31,
female 39, mean age 41 ± 15 years, age range 18 – 79 years), and in a
cohort of 54 patients with relapsing remitting MS (male 16, female 38,
mean age 40 ± 10 years, median EDSS 2 [1-3]).

controls, the width of the 3. ventricle increased with age (without any
sex differences) from 3.0 ± 0.76 mm in the age group < 40 years to
4.0 ± 0.74 mm in the age group of 60 years or more (ANOVA p=0.0001).
Derived from regression analysis, the upper limit of the 95% Confidence
Interval for each year provided cutoff points according to which 14 of
54 patients (25%) exhibited an enlarged 3. ventricle. In a multivariate
regression analysis, the width of the 3. ventricle over all MS patients
was significantly related to EDSS (Spearman rho , r=0.446, p<0.005)
and to MS duration (r=0.319, p<0.005).

CONCLUSIONS: Even in MS patients in good clinical conditions the rate of patients with brain atrophy determined by TCCS is high.

Yet more evidence that there is neve loss during MS 
(The bottom brain is Alzheimers disease not MS).

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  • Would be interesting to know if the 54 patients were respondent to strong DMD whilst undertaking that study?

    If so, the whole concept of *N.E.D.A* is thrown under the bus. MS can't be stabilised, but a mere symptom management and disease slowdown exercise.

    • As I've mentioned previously, very early treatment with alemtuzumab seems (though it still may be too early to say definitively) to stop disease development. So maybe NEDA can stay on the pavement for now!

    • that goes back to my question: have any respondents top campath/tysabri been test for brain atrophy?

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