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Background: Guidelines for optimal exercise doses in people with multiple sclerosis (MS) have to be established. We need to ascertain the basic physiological and perceptual response and adaptation to different exercise doses in this clinical population. 

Aim: The aim of this paper was to explore the response during maximal and sub-maximal exercise in people with MS prior to and following two different twelve week exercise programmes. 
Design: Sub-analysis of per protocol exercise data of a two group, single blinded, randomised control trial. Population: Participants with MS assigned to a continuous (N.=12; mean±SE age=52.3±2.08; Barthel index median & range=19&13-20) or interval (N.=9; mean±SE age=49.3±3.5; Barthel index median & range=19&18-20) exercise programme. 
Methods: Cardiovascular, respiratory and perceptual exercise response and adaption was measured at maximal and sub-maximal levels of physical exercise prior to and following a twelve week exercise programme, delivered at different intensities. 
Results: Irrespective of the type of exercise programme followed, there was a significant increase in peak power (z=-1.98; P=0.05) and normalised oxygen uptake during unloaded cycling (z =-2.00; P=0.05). At discharge from the exercise programmes, the cardiovascular response to sub-maximal exercise had significantly changed (t(360) =-4.62; p<0.01).
Conclusion: The response in people with MS at maximal and sub-maximal levels of physical exercise following a twelve week programme is analogous to non-diseased adults. Clinical Rehabilitation Impact: Cardiovascular adaptation in people with MS following a twelve week exercise programme suggests deconditioning rather than autonomic dysfunction caused by the disease.

Excersise is good for you, in good or not-so-good health

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  • I know that exercise improves my gait, my mind and my fatigue. I'm surprised it is not given more priority. This is probably the same for the population with no underlying health problems. It is not a cure and sometimes it is hard to find the energy, but it helps just to know you have done something for your personal wellbeing.

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