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Help us with #MSresearch. Why do you us social media?

Well I would like to say thanks to our readers and those of Shift.MS for helping is get the paper published.

We could not have done this without you….and this would not have happened without the Blog..

I got a grant from the National Centre of Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of Animals in Research and I am seen by the anti-vivs (vivsectionist) as a crusader against animal experiments……when I am still 007. 

I do however think Researchers need to up our game but that is a different matter.

For our Sins of creating the Blog…it makes you get known as a Social Media Guru……hardly……I know as much about facebook 
and Linkdin as a slug.

But you know more. 

We have been asked to write a review about the benefits of social media for the patient, clinician and researcher so why not help us, in fact please help us. I can do the Researcher well may be, G can do the Clinician and hopefully you can do the MSer.

Please Help Us

If you would be willing to write a list of what is good and bad from social media for MSers in general and email ( it to us, anonymity guaranteed (BE WARNED emailing will expose your email address and possibly your name if it is in the Email if this is a concern don’t do it), then we can collate it and make sure we do not miss too much. 

May be we could have a thread where you put the ideas down so it can be anonymous You can copy and paste your thoughts in to the comments below  so get writing. I suggest using bullet points (single lines with the point) without lots of text as the comments are word limited.

Maybe we can then see what you think about the list. 

Is the benefit to counter what we (Medical Profession in general) say……

There are always two-sides to the story….
my way and the wrong way:-)

So get your thinking heads on.  

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  • Lets start this off.

    Information source (please clarify more)

    Current treatments
    Side-effects of treatments
    Cost of treatments
    Usefulnees of treatments

  • A point of clarification – are you referring to this blog in particular, or social media as it pertains to MSers in general?

  • As it pertains to MSers in general

    but if you want to make comments about the blog you can do too

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