How Much for Drugs?

You asked about prices of drugs

With lots of therapies to choose from and more currently in clinical trials, MSers can have options that didn’t exist 20 years ago. 

These are costing more and more“Industry says that it’s the enormous cost of drug development…and bringing to market new medicines that drive these very high costs”….
Don’t let Pharma kid you that the cost of MS drugs is now related to the cost of manufacture and drug development.  The budgets for Marketing are what eats the cash compared to R & D costs. 

The question is how good are the drugs and how much are you (the US) willing to pay? 
To get into the debate is circular, and ProfG is the man who reads the economist and likes to stir. I personally think they cost too much, but have no power to influence this. 

 Marketing makes a massive difference
UK equivalent of Advil
Cost £2.10
Supermarket Own Brand
Cost £0.25
N.B. We endorse none of the products

The active ingredient is the same, so thats £1.85 for different coloured cardboard

What do you buy? 

Would you do this with MS drugs? Some of you do!
but the difference is alot more than £2.

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