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At the end of last year we ran a study called “MS Outpatient Future Groups” were we held staff and patient focus groups to discuss the outpatient experience at The Royal London Hospital. The aim of the study was to create suggestions for change for the future. We are happy to share with you the results of the study.

The main theme that came out of the analysis of the data was ‘sharing knowledge’. This is between patients and clinicians, outpatient staff and MSers and amongst MSers. Alongside this, a number of interventions were designed by staff and MSers to improve the service experience.

Service Improvement 1: Introduce a volunteer in clinic. We hope to recruit a group of volunteers to attend our clinics. Their main role will be to talk to people while waiting, offer themselves up to help people queue, give out relevant information (from this blog), update waiting times and replenish magazines (donated from our research group in the Blizard Institute just across the road).

We are currently recruiting volunteers! If you are interested in this then please download the application form: (make it downloadable) and email it to: Please make it clear on the application that you would like to work in the Neurology clinic. The volunteers with be part of the Barts Health NHS Trust volunteer group who will oversee the recruitment and scheduling process. Interviews will be held in the last 2 weeks in July so please apply ASAP.

Service Improvement 2: Preparation cards. Blank postcards available for you to note down any questions you have while you wait for your appointment. The other side of the card can be used to make notes of things not to forget. Cards and pens provided!

Service Improvement 3: Clinic information to be sent out with appointment letter. We are in the process of developing a local map of the area around the Royal London Hospital with walking times from the tube station, bus stops and disabled parking. There will also be local recommended cafes, the nearest cash machines, toilet facilities and taxi phones.

Service Improvement 4: Guide to the clinic for MSers, by MSers. This will be a short book available in clinic with tips and advice on the running of the clinic. For example: “Did you know it is quicker to book your outpatient appointment through your MS Nurse than calling Central appointments?” It will also include a guide to the clinical team with photographs and descriptions, and there will be a basic Neurology sections with terminologies for anyone that needs a refresher!

Service improvement 5: We discovered that there was a need to update general outpatient staff’s knowledge of MS so our MS Nurses have agreed to run informal seminars with the outpatient staff let them know about recent developments and how they can better assist patients with MS in clinic.

Alison Thomson, Research Service Designer

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