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MS Trust research a shining example to the community. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“MS Trust research into the value of MS nurses has been used as an example of good practice for demonstrating the impact of public services. I attended a seminar this morning run by the  Royal College of Nursing and the Office of Public Management entitled Empowering the public services workforce to demonstrate their impact and economic value – Lessons from the nursing profession.” 

“GEMSS (Generating Evidence in MS Services), a MS Trust initiative, was one of two projects presented to demonstrate the value of a service to NHS managers and commissioners. GEMSS is a project to help MS specialist nurses evaluate their services and demonstrate what works best to meet the needs of people with MS and their families. It also provides data to demonstrate the value of an MS nurse’s post and helps to secure the future of their services.”

“It is a great pity the Association of British Neurologists (ABN) or the Royal College of Physicians don’t partner with the MS Trust to spin this out across the country. At the end of the day all we are doing is trying to improve the lives of MSers.  

One thing that I found a bit upsetting is that the main focus was in saving money or driving efficiency. At some stage the government has to realise that can’t all be about efficiency and savings. We may have to spend money to save money from other Departmental budgets. For example, spending money on DMTs may keep MSers in work longer and prevent disability that will save money for social services in the long run. We need some joined up thinking. Overall it was a good day.”

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