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Objective:Investigate the feasibility and potential efficacy of a customized print-based intervention to promote physical activity and symptom self-management in women with multiple sclerosis.
Design:A randomly allocated two-group repeated measures design, with a delayed-treatment contact group serving as the control. Participants were randomized to receive the intervention immediately (n =14) or receive it at week 12 (n =16). Outcome measures were administered at weeks 1, 12, and 24.
Subjects:Thirty women with multiple sclerosis.
Intervention:Prescribing a home-exercise program and following up with customized pamphlets, which are matched to participants’ stage of readiness to change physical activity behavior and physical activity barriers (e.g. encouraging self-management of symptoms).
Main Measures:Physical Activity and Disability Survey-revised, Godin Leisure-Time Exercise Questionnaire, SF-12, Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis Scale, and 6-minute walk test.
Results:Intent-to-treat analyses using mixed multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) were conducted on (1) physical activity levels and (2) health and function outcomes. The mixed MANOVAs for physical activity levels and health and function outcomes indicated significant improvements in the immediate group compared with the delayed group (i.e. condition by time interaction was significant, Wilks’ λ = 0.59, F2, 27 = 9.31, P = 0.001 and Wilks’ λ = 0.70, F4, 25 = 2.72, P = 0.052, respectively). The intervention had moderate to large effect sizes in improving physical activity levels (d = 0.63 to 0.89), perceptions of physical function (d = 0.63), and 6-minute walk test (d=0.86).
Conclusion:This pilot study indicates that a customized print-based intervention shows promise in improving physical activity levels and health and function in women with multiple sclerosis.
So if you give people the info to hand they can act on it. Alison our designer amigo and student has been designing pamphlets on risk….the power of the pen never ceases to amaze so get yours working and give me some ideas about social media. 

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