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Rebranding MS a dementia is top of the pops. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“Interesting that the Top 10 posts are also the most controversial and the most time intensive from my perspective; that is time spent preparing the post and time spent answering queries. There is a lesson in this. The “Rebranding MS a Dementia” post was meant to galvanise the MS community around the early highly-effective treat paradigm. It is great to note that the EMA has responded to the call. Let’s hope NICE and other regulatory agencies do the same.”

  1. Rebranding MS as a Dementia
  2. Biogen Idec delays BG12 launch in Europe
  3. Barriers to employment for MSers
  4. Good news: alemtuzumab gets a first-line license i…
  5. Adopting the HIV model
  6. There is no need to worry about pregnancy
  7. Cure for MS stopping the immune response
  8. Tysabri treatment blocks nerve loss and atrophy.
  9. Rebranding MS as a Dementia: part 2
  10. BG-12 Phase III Results: it is efficacious in subg…

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