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The ideas of the blog will shortly be moving to 
ECTRIMS-Copenhagen 2013.
Following on from our successful experiment of Question Time (See 4th Research Day above), we will be moving this on to ECTRIMS in the Social Media section.

Question time is loosely based around a BBC1 show of panel of Politicians answering topical questions from a mixed studio audience.

In our version we had some Neuros (from Team G) sat round a table to answer your questions, MD2 as chair and Ila to keeps on the straight and narrow.  VV was unable/too shy/chicken to attend but sent some unadulterated answers to questions. 

Question time will this time involve an 
International Panel of Neuros, MSers 

The aim is to have a 

so this time you will not need to get out of your arm chairs, although those in the states will need to get out of bed, 
to view and comment
You have seen how it works………

We need Questions so get thinking caps on and 
send in those topical questions

Send Questions to 
bartsmsblog at

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  • Had a meeting with a team of neurologists at the Walton Centre and they are in awe of this blog. They regarded you guys as brave pioneers for having the guts to do and sustain it. Most others would never dare engage in such an enterprise.

    Well done.

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