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After some comments yesterday that ProfG is like David Cameron….(For those who don’t know or care..DC is is the Current Prime Minister of the UK)

What do you think? ProfG…………………………

 the New Statesman?
David Cameron seldom wears Neurology Grey
more Conservative Blue
Furthermore, I doubt David Cameron will be in Denmark
at ECTRIMS 2013. 
But Prof G will be. 
You can Join him at MS Question Time 
at the “Social Media” Session
with an International Panel of Experts 
to Answer YOUR Questions
Send your questions to 
Bartsmsblog (at)

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  • What's funny is that Cameron the Terrible, Prof Giovannoni and Rik Mayall can all pass for the same person in photographs featured above. They look like brothers.

    I am worried now. Hope that Giovannoni isn't as troubling a personality as the other two.

    • Erm… how about the dude from Penn and Teller? Perhaps Danny Baker?

      Dude, ever noticed how Cameron and Giovannoni are never in same room at the same time? Go figure?

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