OCT shows retinal thinning


Purpose:  To compare the retinal layer thickness of eyes with optic neuritis (ON) and that of control eyes and ON eyes with and without neuromyelitis optica (NMO) or multiple sclerosis (MS). Methods:  Horizontal and vertical SD-OCT scans of the fovea were undertaken for 56 patients with ON with and without NMO or MS and for 24 healthy controls. Patients with ON were divided into three groups: NMO, MS and isolated ON without NMO or MS. The thickness of each retinal layer was compared between ON and healthy control eyes, and between ON eyes with and without NMO or MS. 
Results:  Compared with healthy control eyes, ON eyes showed significant thinning of the ganglion cell layer plus the inner plexiform layer (GCL + IPL) at all eight inner and outer macular locations. Significant differences in thickness were observed for the retinal layers of NMO, MS and isolated ON without NMO or MS at several retinal locations. 
Conclusions:  Our SD-OCT data revealed a notable difference in the GCL + IPL thickness between ON and healthy control eyes. It also showed differences in the thickness of several retinal layers for ON subgroups including NMO, MS and isolated ON. This may be helpful for distinguishing the aetiology of ON.
You said we should be looking at advanced imaging modalities to check the progress of MS. Optical coherence tomography is like ultrasound of the eye to see the thickness of the retina at the back of the eye and to see how this relates to nerve  loss. This occurs in MS

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  • Does anyone know the answer? Is there an optician out there who can tell us whether retina thinning occurs in high myopia when MS is not present?

    • I am not an optician so take this for what it's worth. I am, however, a very nearsighted MSer. I recently had an OCT and the neuro-ophth did say that some of what appears to be thinning because of MS may in fact be due to my retina being oddly shaped because of the myopia. The neuro-ophth was much more interested in the difference between this OCT scan and the one I had several years ago as that change would indicate ongoing thinning.

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