Question Time

If MD wore a suit you said he would look like Penn & Keller
Really…Which one….the big one?

Come and Listen to the Magic

or Danny Baker You said

So come and Listen to the Music/Chat Show

Maybe Look more like Cyril Smith

So Come and Listen to Question Time

You can Join Prof G at MS Question Time 
at the “Social Media” Session
at ECTRIMS 2013
with an International Panel of Experts 
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  • Frankly, it doesn't bother me what MD would/could wear. It would probably have fur on it any way. He doesn't strike me as a fashionista.

    BECAUSE I have a beef about the apparent 'webinar' that apparently took place last Friday. You see, I had my best party frock on, a glass of 'anti-oxidant', a brilliant cross-examination prepared and was open to receiving wisdom and enlightenment – but where was the webinar??? A link to it? Was this secret UK business? 'Brain shred' day. Did it really happen? So please explain.

    And then I will work on my question for ECTRIMS for the Neurology fest…. is it as much fun as Woodstock?

    • I am sure ProfG will apologise for this, apparently he had a family crisis to deal with and so postponed it.

      Therefore you did not miss anything.

      Is it as muchfun as woodstock…well the toilets are certainly better:)

  • I posted this question a few days ago… without any reply ( "Infections are a potent trigger of relapses" ) but are still looking for an answer.

    " If infections are related to relapses.. Can that explain why relapse frequency and EDSS progression / Brain atrophy don't seem to correlate? And why some drugs seem to have good effect on reducing replases , but no effect on brain atrophy?

    Can Prof G please enlighten us? "

    • Sorry I am not G

      The relapse is the attack from which you can get complete or partial recovery as a marker of immune activity

      and Brain atrophy and EDSS are a measure of accumulation of diasability I guess a marker of progression.

      EDSS can be reversible, true brain attrophy is unlikely to reverse but MRI brain atrophy could because fluid accumulation adds to this measure.

      Simply the two mechanisms of immune attack and progression are probably independent (but inter-related procresses) so they may not correlate

  • I have a question – nothing to do with wardrobe decisions, you may be relieved to hear: have any trials of DMTs in progressive MS been carried out for long enough to ascertain whether there is an effect on accumulation of disability over eg 3, 5, 7 years? This question is prompted by your post about the time lag between treatment and seeing the effects, posted over the last few days.

    • It will be Copenhagen (European) Time, we will post mark on this as it gets nearer the data, once we know what technology is availbale.

      The main thing is to get a list of questions

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