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Teixeira MZ. Immunomodulatory drugs (natalizumab), worsening of multiple sclerosis, rebound effect and similitude. Homeopathy. 2013;102:215-24

Homeopathic treatment is based on the principle of similitude (‘like cures like’) administering to sick individuals substances that cause similar symptoms in healthy individuals, employing the paradoxical or biphasic action of the organism as therapeutic response. This homeostatic, vital or secondary action of the organism is scientifically explained by the rebound effect of drugs, resulting in worsening of symptoms after enantiopathic treatment withdrawal. Natalizumab reduces relapses in patients with active multiple sclerosis (MS), but recent studies report severe worsening of MS after suspension of treatment, as a consequence of the rebound effect.
METHOD: Extending this source of evidence, this work reviews research that demonstrates secondary worsening of MS after discontinuation of natalizumab, a human monoclonal antibody that suppresses the disease inflammatory activity as primary action.
RESULTS: Several studies refer to the immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS) as a plausible explanation of reactivation of MS after withdrawal of natalizumab: a rebound effect or secondary action of the organism in response to the primary immunosuppression caused by the drug.
CONCLUSION: Relapses of MS after discontinuation of natalizumab treatment indicate rebound of disease activity, supporting the homeopathic principle and warning healthcare professionals about this serious iatrogenic event.

Linking solid western medicine to Homeopathy is IG10! (Barking)
Return of disease after sessation of an immunosuppressive is to be expected. Cells are present ready to do the damage and take the brakes off and off you go. Fear of this canned some progressive trials

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  • To claim that the rebound that can occur after cessation of Tysabri treatment as supporting the homepathy principle is pretty desperate and crazy (as is the whole subject of homepathy for which there is no robust evidence).
    More a more reasoned explanation for the principles of homeopathy please see here.

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