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  • Besides Lemtrada which other upcoming treatments stand out as having mechanism of actions which seem particularly interesting. I have read that some of them like Daclizumab have a greater impact on disability progression then would have been thought based on the lesser effect on relapse… given an autoimmune theory what could account for something like that?

    • Bg-12 has potential because nrf2 activity could be neurprotective in addition to immunomodulatory bit the question i pose does it or active metabolites get in the brain. If it doesnt then it is hypothetical.

  • Question about Lemtrada– The data shows about 20-30% of those treated with Lemtrada develop other auto immune diseases. Are those other AI diseases relatively easy to treat, or will those unlucky 20-30% end up being affected the rest of their lives? I am unable to find any answers to this question.

    If Prof G is looking for a "clinic speak" question to answer, perhaps he could take us through the reasoning behind an MSer choosing between Lemtrada versus Tecfidera, or similar.

    Thanks for your time!

    • The most common autoimmune disease is Grave's disease which is fairly easy to treat (my Dad had it). Much less common Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) affected approximately 1-3% of clinical trial participants. ITP is a blood clotting disorder caused by low numbers of platelets in the blood, which can lead to internal bleeding. One person died of ITP during a phase II study, after which strategies were put in place to ensure that future cases of ITP were recognised early. Although potentially serious, ITP is treatable if caught early enough.


    • I think rhere havd been cases of goodpasteurs disease this is. a pretty serious disease of the kidney etc

    • I think there was one case so far of Goodpasteurs disease, and he ended up on dialysis- not sure if he had to go for kidney transplant. It also increases your lifetime risk of lymphoma, so it's all a question of the risk/benefit profile. I'd take the risk personally, but it's a matter of choice- if you get that far.

  • Can one of the MouseDocs answer me the following please?

    Is taking thyroid hormones (thyroxin) detrimental to the damaged MS nerves (because of the sodium assault)? I've been taking the pills for years for my autoimmune thyroid insufficiency (100mg) and worry now that it did more harm to my MS. Thanks

    • Yes the evidence is getting stronger.
      But I think this is only a small step.

      Because there are also a lot of ppl who are infected with EBV who don't develop MS.

      And what causes the relapses?

      So lets assume EBV IS the cause of MS and you develop an antiviral drug.
      Would this help MSers?
      I guess not.

      Because I think that something different happens and causes the relapse.

      Fucking Herpesviridae are really masters of hiding and getting you onto a wrong road (and they are really interesting viruses!).

      Sure it is all necesary to get the trace on how EBV may cause MS. But I still think there is a looooooooooooooooong road a head.

    • I have heard of retro grade transport via the nose into the brain, this involved transport of the drug, backwards from the nerves into the brain.
      Would this allow you to get enough drug to target the spinal cord I am not sure.

      This report talks about a device for doing that. In MS you can use the blood brain barrier dysturbances to target such drugs into the brain as an alternative way of doing this.

  • JoeySunday, August 25, 2013 3:50:00 am
    Is there more information you have, more in regards of a injury or trauma such as a fall or injury to the cervical , neck, or head area.. that was diagnosed subsequently led to a multiple sclerosis diagnosis?

    • Will have a look when I can get my hands on the actual Nature paper compares to the stuff circulating which is from the media.

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