Use your Noggin-There is no evidence that playing football causes MS

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For those of you watching 24 hours in A& E a reality TV series about Accident & Emergency, which is Emergency Room in American, in a London Hospital. Cameras filmed round the clock for 28 days, 24 hours a day in A&E
A recent episode features a young man with multiple sclerosis where it was put that he got MS after a blow on the head. 

Instantly Twitter was a wash with football causes MS. Is that why there is less MS in Southern Europe because Continental Footballers don’t like to head the ball……Oh course not its nonsense.

Yes footballers do get MS, such as Danny Wallace, but there is no evidence that playing football increases your risk of MS.

Interestingly there is a small increased risk reported in Lou Gehrigs (A famous American Baseball player)/ Disease/Motor Neuron Disease in American Footballers and a report of Italian Footballers but as it has not been reported in other countries it is probably a chance event. 

However, it shows the power of Social Media to spread rubbish quickly.

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  • I think the problem is not that it spreads fast. It is more problematic to get rid of this nonsense due to "knowledge resistance".

    Just think about homeopathic medicine…..

  • Grammar nazi – it's "tweeting" not "tweating". Enjoy the 24 hours in A & E, although similar hours in the life as a midwife a maternity ward was frankly more frightening 🙂

    Social media is a weapon – it can generate a revolution, ruin a reputation, amuse, inform and campaign. Susan Greenfield is right to be concerned about the 'rewiring' of the digital brain, the shortening of attention spans and outsourcing our memories to Google.

    • Susan Greenfield is a publicity seeker who spouts off without any empirical evidence, she's been on about this for years but has failed to actually do any research on the subject.. She has become a bit of a joke in the neuroscience community as a result. Her disastrous tenure at the Royal Institution was certainly no joke.

    • So remember don't let her do any interior decorating:-)

      As for Grandma nazi I'll remember that when I'm sweeting in the hot London Sunshine…Ta……Dyslexia or just poor education?

  • MD2 perhaps this is the reason why the Baroness was dispatched to the colonies – to be part of the Adelaide Thinkers in Residence program. I was unaware of her 'horror' time at the Royal Institute. Interesting to hear that she is 'not well thought of". I don't think she is alone in her concerns about the changes the Internet looks like it may be having on the brain. The research is starting to appear, mostly American based, from Psychology -concerns relating to the brains of Internet addicted youth is popular -key Mark Zuckerberg.

    MD – "hot London sun", bit of an oxymoron. Clearly not poor education- or was it-dipped out on the secretarial subjects and therefore sentenced to hard labour with the mouse community. Yes, that would be it.

  • Thank you MD – I'll take it as read and leave the claim and counter claims. I do like her colour choice though.

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