Yorkshire Day-Brings Holidays

Ee bah Gum…..Happy Yorkshire (the Texas of England) Day

Most of Europe will be migrating on their annual holidays including the MD-Yorkshire Born,Yorkshire Bred, 
So be Patient as Internet is not always available.

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  • Aye, they made a mess with boundaries and these new ones can't resist making a mess with all else.

    Have a good holiday!

  • A little story to illustrate the Yorkshire mindset.
    A Yorkshireman lies on his death bed. "Eeee Doris could you light that candle to light me last hours?" he said. "Nay, Seth, you know the crippling cost of candles". After another hour he pleads again, "can you light the candle to light me last hours". Doris relents and lights the candle but says "If you feel thi'sen' goin' could you blow it out?"

    I thank you.

  • I was admitted to a hospital in Harrogate and it was a bizarre experience. Something called the Great Yorkshire Show was taking place which caused the nurses to arrive massively late for work. Also, most of the nurses and patients had Myra Hindley hairstyles, which I assume is the Yorkshire lass's style of choice.

    I have been to Texas and other than the fact that Yorkshire is a large county in Britain (perhaps even the largest), I can't understand the comparison. Texas is hot and lazy. It's just full of big buildings which are entirely self contained. You never need to leave those buildings other than to drive home. Yorkshire didn't seem like that to me.

    • MD is from Harrogate and as both Yrokshire folk and Texans consider their county/state as God's own country, then the comparison is pretty valid, though I always thought Yorkshire folk as having more in common with Aussies.
      I come from Wales, which actually is God's own country 😉

    • The Yorkshire Dales is lovely but then you get places like Bradford that seem like the Devil's manor. I visited a museum there and couldn't wait to get back to London. Hellish, it was. Felt sorry for those forced to live there.

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