ECTRIMS 2013: Brain atrophy infographic version 1

Version 1 of ECTRIMS 2013 brain atrophy infographic. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“The following is the first version of my brain atrophy infographic for the ECTRIMS blogging session. My aim is to get across what brain atrophy is, how common it is, its consequences and its relationship to inflammation and neuronal loss in small digestible sound bites. I would appreciate your feedback on whether it achieves this; if not let me know. I still have a week or so to improve on it.”

“Please note that I have chosen the title based on your voting.”

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Professor of Neurology, Barts & The London. MS & Preventive Neurology thinker, blogger, runner, vegetable gardener, husband, father, cook and wine & food lover.


  • Prof. G what has happened? You have not used the term "Shredder" once. This is a pity, for the first time I beginning to see why you want us to think of MS as being "The Shredder". The statistics in this infographic are truly scary.

  • In one of your slides it states that "In MS there is extensive demyelination, neruronal transection and death, and loss of neuron, in the cerebral cortex or grey matter". I'm curious how demylination occurs in grey matter? It seems by labeling the part of the brain as grey matter, it would not have myelin at all. Please explain.

    • There is myelin in the grey matter there's just a lot less than in the white matter. More sensitive histological techniques have revealed this over recent years (it was probably ignored previously). As much of the grey matter lesions are in areas of cognitive significance there is a correlate with cognitive decline seen in many MSers, the significance of which has onlly recently been appreciated. This was one of those black swan events Prof G is so fond of quoting!

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